Goddess Kitty

Goddess Kitty

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 1: Let's Start

I wannted to day to start when my body was fully rested. My normal awake time is 10am. (I know, I know, maybe people can't believe it. I work for myself and my dance classes are currently only at night. So my days energy starts while most of you are having dinner and going to bed.) Here is a cool tip: if you are ready, your mind is ready, your body is ready...you will have no problems getting on track to start. It's the day 3 or 5 that will test you due to you have allowed yourself to "get out" of the hard work in the past. You will have to take control of your mind to retrain it not allow yourself your "outs".

I awoke at 8am. ("Got the Message" body is on board with plan.)

Drank 2 full 8oz glasses of water (your body is dehydrated plus it has been working all night while you slept repairing and storing tonic waste in liver and kidneys to remove upon you waking up. Help flash your system with water first thing so it can reset and start work again)

Had 1oz of B complex (liquid drink that has all the Bs in it 1-12) helps energy & stress

1 8oz vanilla shake (you can have smoothy or how about for 30days you cut out something. I would choose Red Meat!! I can list the reason red meat is harmful to your body and list the disease that are linked to it. Again this is to help you become healthy, you will do ok with no red meat for 30 days.....)

Skin Care: H to T (head to toe)
I have the Proactiv skin care due to having to use stage makeup, I needed extra help
I need all 6 steps this am ( while drinking the water and shake) time management
I also found way in the back under sink - natural hand scrub plus body exfoliate.
Feet are very important. We forget about them and leave them out a lot. I am always barefoot due to my dance profession. We especially need to care, love them.
Used my foot care cream and scrubber plus applied nail care to all the piggies. In shower! Time manage......

I know the busy lives we have, we all make reasons for not working out. I challenge you to change you thinking and do not think of workouts being painful, or to long of time to do. You can do mini workouts all day. Parking your car at the most far away point of lot and WALK! Use stairs. On 15min breaks or lunch breaks, go outside.....walk around you building. You will get vitanime for the sun in which you body need to live.....for FREE. O no, I said the "s" word. SUN! You will not get cancer from getting 10 minutes a day in sun. Wait - if you are parking your car away for the building to walk in....you will be getting your 10 minutes for free. WOW! This is easy.

Me personally: I have been writing all the blogs while walking on trade mill. I will be doing all of my emails, message studying, and Netflix watching....all walking.
Walking only 2mph I was able to do 3.5miles and got work done that I normally would be sitting at my desk.....time manage.

Off to pet sits: make sure to carry water with me.

Healthy lunch with friend (good for body, mind and spirit)

Had a great 2 hours teaching tribal fusion in which all the students go a great workout.

Home to rest and drink more water. Good night!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My 30 Days Plan for Me....

So I have decided to take all I have learned over the years and appy it over the next 30 days to see if:
1. It really does take 30 days to form new habits.
2. You can transform your body in 30 days
3. You can transform your mind in 30 days
4. You can transform your spirit in 30 days.

I plan on using Isagenix product for body (I am not promoting any protects, whatever you feel pulled to please do- this product came to me so I will allow the time to see what happens)

Also, I like many women, have skin care, hair care, nail care, teeth whiters....so on and so on, products from many different source all in my bathroom under the sink and put out of sight. Time to bring them out and give them another chance. I have already spent the money. Why not use what you got. So each day I will start at head and work down to toes using only products I already own.

For mind: during this 30 days, I will finish something I started awhile ago. I will each day do something in my Massage Therapy Review. I have allowed life to run so fast that I have not been able to finish. So now during 30 days, I will finish what I started.

For spirit: This can be as open as I feel lead to do. Meaning, Reiki, Qigong, Walk Meditions, Daily messages received via cards, start clearing/cleaning the home, again I will be guided on what will be needed next.

I am excited to see where this goes. I will post daily so it keeps my honest and on track.
Many blessings!

( current blog wrote while on trade mill walking 2 mph)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lessons in Human Behaviors

Realized today: Gossip is an adult form of bullying.To take part in it shows you that you need to look at yourself to see what you are getting out of it.What do you ready need to improve your well being? If you where happy with yourself - you would not have time or the need to talk negative about another. I hope this point helps you awake to a more 
enlighten you. Namaste

(After writing this today on my Facebook, this was the follow ups)

Trish Eadaoin Echluath: Val, to ignore someone spreading negativity is like ignoring someone starting a forest fire. If we stop them from lighting the fire, the forest can be saved. If you hear negativity you should gently remind people that it will bring them no good or satisfaction to spread it

Cat Bruce My Dear Friend.....I am reading and working on my spiritual path of healing and understanding. I am sharing my what I am observing in the human behaves as I am learning myself. No one can harm me with words of untruth if I do not gave them the power to
Cat Bruce Trish.....Take another step back. No need to speak at all. "Silents" is your power. Do not add into the negative but set back and watch whom shares the "Fire". They are the ones that really need help. They are the ones that need blessings to heal their pain. They are the ones that need to be heard for something to feel like they fit into something because they have nothing to be happy about themselves to share with the group. I feel sad for them and just watch what "Level" they are thought there words.

Madeline New: Indeed! Women are the worst about this, but I have met some real doosies that are male too! Even with my family members, I try not to entertain their games...

Trish Eadaoin Echluath: 
There is great truth in what you say. But Silence is the double edge sword also has the power to hurt. To remain silent and allow the fire to burn will not bring blessings or healing to those who share the fire. It may only make the wound sting that much more or isolate the one in the middle of the fire. Offering to listen and giving understanding can heal. Sometimes asking why, will bring enlightenment not only to you, but to the person who needs healing. Perhaps through their pain they never thought to ask why. This is where Silence has great power, when you listen and let those who need healing enlighten themselves through their own words. Thank you for sharing your journey. I enjoy what you share and have found a lot of wisdom within it.

Cat Bruce 
Trish: If someone calls you Bob and your name is not Bob then there is no truth in the word. But what you speak of in the emotion behind the words. If you take any words and take out the emotion due to they are untrue, then no need to correct the untruth. The pain is the power/emotion you gave to the words. When someone is in the "fire" they are not ready nor will they understand the root meaning of your questions to them. They will ask for help and understanding if they are done with being unhappy with themselves....they may never ask for help due to this lifetime they will never learn and will return again and again.......I am just an observer of the spiritual evolution.

Nathan Rethemeyer: The fire of gossip is a quick spreading blaze. It burns hot and fast. The fuel is often expended quickly. Any actions, whether joining into the fray or attempting to extinguish the flames is adding fuel. Those that join add wind to the sails of those who began the fray to begin with. Those who raise their voices in opposition merely make the original parties feel validated in that they were able to affect someone else, as well as get louder in defense of their original statements.

Cat Bruce The Tao says, "Those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know.~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Here We Go!

    I have wanted for years to write the pathway of my life since Reiki and dance has become the driving forces.  To share the positive and negative of the entertainment world and the common daily lifestyle. To share my personal dance journey that can start at any age and be successful. To dream big and make it your Reality.  To learn how no matter what negative energy around you still remain in a positive state. Always look for the bigger picture and watch the movie play out. 

   I am honored that you would take the time to share in my journey and I hope I give you pointers to help in your life too.....


Friday, February 4, 2011

My train of thoughts......

It's blogger will jump for past to present, from this thought to the next. I hope you can keep up it is just the way I am. To see my desk currently: I have the laptop with two screens up and running 8 different things at once. My PC screen running 2 other programs, while the iPad and iPhone are all being used. So yes, a lot at once but this is the way I work best.  So you can believe that is the way the blogging with go.  One time stories of the pasted while the next can be my latest on stories on stage or healing moments of from prayers answered.  I hope you get something out of your reading even if it just a fun way to fill time.


It's All in the Family!

I am very lucky to have grown up in the very first dance studio in Ocoee, Florida. My grandmother belong to Dance Masters of America and was the first to open her business in Ocoee. Ruth Wood School of the Dance opened it's doors the same year Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. My grandmother was very well known and loved in her city. She could not go to the store, dinner or even the post office without a little girl yelling "Mrs Wood...Mrs Wood".   Her sister Eli-may was doing the same thing in St. Pete, Fl. Their mother was one of the showboat entertainers on the Mississippi Showboats. Even my mother, Vivian was raised in the dance studio and worked at the  America on Parade at Walt Disney World. Each female in my family has had some dance, show, entertainment back ground in her life. So I to carry on.  

I first dance class, I was 2.5 years old. Most do not start until 4years due to attention span...not me. I wiggled from the womb. I was lucky that my grandmother have converted her two car carport area into a very nice large dance space. White tile on the floor with very carefully space one grey tile every 6-8 tiles apart so the students can stand grey tile to line up and have room around them and see themselves in the mirror. Their where mirrors on all 3 side of the wall floor to ceiling. The fourth wall had glass windows that lead to family room. A space where watch they child in a comforts living room style waiting area.

I spent most of my childhood at my grandmothers dance studio. I did not realize there was a life outside of the dance studio.  I loved it all. Where kids where playing kickball and Barbies, I was practicing the last routine my grandmother just shows us. Playing "I'm the Dance Teacher" and practicing how to teach other what I know. While kids got there first Atari's  and spent hours getting the next high score. I was helping grandmother balance her dance cards and pick out costumes for each class. Planning a dance recitals and helping with music, programs and running a business.  I guess you can say, grandma though me how to run a dance studio business the fun way and it came second nature to do it. I am very grateful to her for all she shared.   

When my father passed away when I was 7yrs. My mother wanted something special for us to do together so she found clogging....Yes, clogging! Believe it or not, this was would be the reason my mother meets my step-father....All thing have a reason.  Mom and I would go weekly to class and we both quickly move though the levels. Like all the woman in my family, once we learn and master something, we teach it too.  Along with the ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, and other styles at Ruth Woods School of the Dance. We bough clogging to Ocoee. This was a fun and fast progressing time for us. We soon had preforming troupes and where doing shows all over Florida including the Church Street Stations Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House.  Here is where I learned how to manage a group of all ages and make sure you show case each dancer.  We spent 10yrs of my life each Friday and Saturday at Cheyenne Saloon due to the wonderful family venue with great live entertainment. While dancing there with mom, we met Rich. Mom watch him two-step, and swing with me while sharing time with her. She says Rich fallen in love with us as a family. He soon shared our lives, home, and they got married to complete the path.